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    CERTI Amazônia can support your company in all phases, from product conception to its production and introduction in the market.
    Our purpose is to work to develop and improve products and processes, helping our clients to resolve their challenges in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship.

    We have a staff ready to develop software and hardware projects. Throughout our history we have increased the competitiveness of many companies, and have helped to improve the ecosystem of entrepreneurship in the Amazon. 


    We work in several areas, from the ideation of new solutions and ventures, to product design, mapping, diagnostics and digitalization of processes, as well as environmental impact projects.

    Digital Convergence

    Digital Twin, Business Intelligence, Big Data & Analytics, Software and Hardware Development, Embedded Systems, Web and Mobile Systems, Mechatronics, IoT, Big Data, Wearable Technology.

    Industry 4.0

    Digital Manufacturing, Industrial Automation, Vision Systems, Test Jigs, 3D Printing, Digital Transformation, Cyber-physical systems, Expert Systems, IIoT, Artificial Intelligence


    We work in a regional context to create innovative environments and mechanisms, innovative ecosystems and corporate innovation ecosystems, through cooperation with the Innovative Entrepreneurship Center of the CERTI Foundation.


    Solutions for transitioning to a green economy, biodiversity valuation and management model, Analysis, Impact management and communication, through cooperation with the Green Economy Center of the CERTI Foundation.


    Solutions for the distributed generation of renewable energies, electrical grids and intelligent cities, efficiency, energy businesses and market, through cooperation with the Sustainable Energy Center of the CERTI Foundation.

    Amazon Journey Program

    The projects aims to design and implement a broad set of organizational actions for forest conservation through the establishment of an ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation of impact in the Amazon.

    Hardware Research and Development Activities, Digital Systems and Projects.
    In the last five years our results have contributed to generating solutions in:
    Remote Management and Action, Intelligent Systems, Internet of Things (IoT), Image Recognition, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Industrial Automation, Digital Manufacturing, Telecom and Digital TV Solutions, Educational and Assistive Technologies. > READ MORE

    Education 4.0

    Client: Positivo Development of a set of innovative educational solutions that integrate with the micro:bit and LEGO Mindstorms platforms, with the goal of educating Brazilian

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    Braille Modular Printer

    Client: Tecassistiva Financing: FINEP Equipped with robust hardware and a software architecture that will enable its integration with ATMs and other types of access terminals,

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    CERTI Amazôia Institute is part of an Innovation Ecosystem with national scope, designed by the CERTI Foudation. Learn more about our partner institutions and initiatives.