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Our purpose is to work to develop and improve products and processes, helping our clients to resolve their challenges in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship. We have a staff ready to undertake software and hardware projects. Throughout our history we have increased the competitiveness of many companies and have contributed to the improvement of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Amazonas. We work in various fields, from the ideation of new solutions and ventures to product design, mapping, process diagnostics and digitalization, and on environmental impact projects.


Together we promote intense interaction between the staff and the client, in discussion groups between software architects, designers, programmers, test analysts, electronic engineers and project managers, creating an environment that is friendly, productive, and adaptable to the challenges of each project and each client.

Our distinguishing factors are agility of service and a broad range of partners, which allows us to provide solutions in various areas of complementary knowledge and enables the financing of projects through the latest available mechanisms, such as priority programs and the formation of startup partnerships with large organizations.