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The products generated by CERTI Amazônia are the result of innovation projects involving the execution of activities in hardware research and development, digital systems, and projects. In the past five years the results achieved have contributed to generating solutions in: remote management and action, intelligent systems, internet of things (IoT), image recognition, artificial intelligence (AI), industrial automation, digital manufacturing, telecom and digital TV solutions, educational and assistive technologies.


In addition to R&D projects, CERTI Amazônia offers the following services:

Digitalization of Processes

Consisting of the development of web (Win/Linux) or mobile (Android/IOS) applications for the automation of forms, spreadsheets, flow and approval control.

Process Simulation

Consisting of the preparation of a mathematical model that translates the stages of a process as faithfully as possible. Based on this model, the responsible professionals are able to simulate various situations and analyze the results. The interpretation of these, as well as the choice of the best option and application, confers the optimization process, which minimizes the impact of solutions involving layout changes and the introduction of new technologies to the industrial environment.

3D Printing

3D modeling and printing of mechanical designs applied to devices to automate and assist production or reverse engineering processes. It may involve developing the design in CAD, digitalization of mechanical components, 3D modeling and printing of prototypes of up to 30 cubic centimeters.

Courses and training

We maintain a tradition, and are recognized, for training in competencies, and offer on-demand customized courses in project management, programming languages and frameworks, database management, integration with legacy systems, electronic projects, 3D printing, and other fields.