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CERTI Amazônia can support your company in all phases of technological innovation, from the conception of the product to it production and introduction to the marketplace.

CERTI Amazônia’s key competencies are associated with two main fields of activity:

In conjunction with the strategic actions of the CERTI Foundation, with which it is associated, CERTI Amazônia has the capability to broaden skills and generate solutions in:


We work in a regional context to create innovative environments and mechanisms, ecosystems of innovation and corporate innovation, through our cooperation with the Innovative Entrepreneurship Center of the CERTI Foundation.

The Environment

Solutions for transitioning to a green economy, biodiversity valuation and management modeling, analysis, impact management and reporting, through cooperation with the Green Economy Center of the CERTI Foundation.


Solutions for the distributed generation of renewable energies, electrical grids and intelligent cities, efficiency, energy business and market, through cooperation with the Sustainable Energy Center of the CERTI Foundation.