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Competencies in industrial and mechatronic processes, especially sensing and connectivity, are in the history of projects executed by the Institute since its inception in 1999, as a branch of the CERTI Foundation. Between 1999 and 2002 CERTI Amazônia was incubated in the Business Incubation and Development Center – CIDE. In May 2003, CERTI Amazônia was founded and obtained economic, financial, and legal autonomy, but maintained its association with the CERTI Foundation, with which it signed a technical-scientific cooperation agreement and has been executing projects in partnership ever since.


In mid-2004, the staff grew by 200% and new engineering competencies were introduced into the project portfolio, such as embedded software, electronics, and mechanics. The staff was composed of process engineers; specialists in industrial quality, testing and reliability applied to process and product. This staff expansion was due to the needs of two companies – PROCOMP and SIEMENS – which led to the institute’s departure from the incubator to a 600m2 building, which was equipped with the necessary laboratories, instrumentation and tools, as well as conference and training rooms.


This journey of more than fifteen years deserved recognition for its efforts in generating technological innovation. We were awarded first place at the 2010 FINEP Innovation Awards, in the category of Best Science and Technology Institution in the Northern Region.

CERTI Amazônia now promotes technological and scientific development for business innovation in three fields of activity: Productive Process, Information and Communication Technology, and Development and Sustainability. It distinguishes itself in Manaus by being an independent, non-profit reference center that conducts research and cooperative development of innovative solutions for companies, government, and society, and works in innovative entrepreneurship, the green economy, sustainable energy and digital convergence.