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    Jornada Amazônia [Amazon Journey]

    The Amazon Journey Program aims to design and implement a broad set of organizational actions, whose general objective is forest conservation through the establishment of an ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation of impact in the Amazon. It has the following premises:

    -The competitiveness of the standing forest can be fostered by innovation and entrepreneurship

    Innovative startups should enter the intermediate links of production chains, diversifying demands, reducing dependencies, overcoming challenges of scale and logistics and promoting competitiveness of the conserved forest; connecting the forest and communities with sustainable global consumption chains.

    With a vision for all of Brazil’s Legal Amazon region, the Journey has five large objectives:

    • Promote the economic competitiveness of the standing forest, giving value to biodiversity through innovation;
    • Awaken entrepreneurial talents and stimulate research focused on products and processes with a positive impact on the forest, acting to generate knowledge;
    • Incentivize the emergence of new solutions, which, like the example of açaí, value local opportunities, market demand and the socioeconomic and environmental sustainability of the Amazon Forest;
    • Strengthen the connection between industry and sustainable and regenerative forest chains;
    • Contribute to the mitigation of global climate change, with systemic action towards various Sustainable Development Goals (SDG/UN).

    Education 4.0

    Client: Positivo Development of a set of innovative educational solutions that integrate with the micro:bit and LEGO Mindstorms platforms, with the goal of educating Brazilian