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    An automated system for manufacturing machines (SIAMM)

    Client: Positron

    A system for the automatic collection of operational information from the injection-molding machine facilities, capable of integrating both injectors equipped with native communication interfaces (serial or other protocols) and injectors without connectivity, in which the collection of electronic signals directly from the machine’s control panels was enabled.

    It has a monitoring software layer capable of automatically handling the various types of distinct information offered by each injector model, guaranteeing the standardization of this information according to a common set of indicators, which were defined and implemented exclusively to meet the specifications of the thermoplastic industry’s manufacturing processes.

    It has a software layer for visualizing indicators (a dashboard) capable of integrating all of the information provided by the injection molding facilities in the form of indicators of “Productivity”, “Efficiency”, “Quality” and “OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness”.

    It contains a driver and Application Programming Interface (API) for serial communication with injectors (manufactured by ARBUG, DEMAG, COSMOS, ROMI, FANUC, and HAITIAN), through which are obtained production parameters (time of processing, quantity produced, non-scheduled stoppages) and operational parameters (temperature, pressure, alarms).


    Braille Modular Printer

    Client: Tecassistiva Financing: FINEP Equipped with robust hardware and a software architecture that will enable its integration with ATMs and other types of access terminals,