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    ESD Inspection Management System

    Client: Universal Eletronics

    Development of a web system, responsive to client-server type, which manages activities for combating ESD. The functions can be accessed with a browser on devices such as smartphones or tablets (Android OS), facilitating the recording of industrial inspections. The main functions of this system are:

    • Registration and management of inspection activities
    • Scheduling and recording of inspection activities
    • Antistatic wrist strap monitoring (includes IoT data collector)
    • Access control with ESD test
    • Integration with access control (turnstile)
    • Test of antistatic wrist strap or grounding heel
    • Issue of reports and Dashboards


    Education 4.0

    Client: Positivo Development of a set of innovative educational solutions that integrate with the micro:bit and LEGO Mindstorms platforms, with the goal of educating Brazilian


    Braille Modular Printer

    Client: Tecassistiva Financing: FINEP Equipped with robust hardware and a software architecture that will enable its integration with ATMs and other types of access terminals,